The Guitar Hands

A stylish and functional way to display your guitar collection


The Guitar Hands are the perfect guitar hanging solution for studios, recreation rooms, offices and more. These easy to install wall mounts provide a safe and secure solution for displaying your instruments. The hangers are a recreation of the human hands in their natural state while holding a guitar. Solid engineering of The Guitar Hands provide an easy-to-install, safe, secure solution while showcasing your guitar or other string based instruments in an interesting and natural way.

In most circumstances, specialty tools are not required to install the mounts. Installation of The Guitar Hands only takes a minimal amount of time. The hangers mount flush to the wall giving your display a clean, professional look while eliminating the possibility of accidental tripping over conventional floor based guitar stands.

A stick-down foam pad will be included for each hand to ensure a soft resting spot for the guitar. The wall mounts are pre-primed in white for easy customization, so indulge your creativity and paint the guitar mounts in the color of your choice.

Made In The USA

Take pride in knowing that The Guitar Hands wall mounts are manufactured in America and created exclusively from material that was produced within the United States.

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The Guitar Hands Wall Hanger Mounts

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$139.99 US
We ship to the US and Canada for a flat shipping rate of $14.50 per set. We accept all major credit cards using a secure, Paypal online payment system.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery due to the fabrication and shipping process.