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The idea came to me while in college. Spending far too many hours drawing, I no longer had time to play my guitar. Having spent nearly all my paper route/lawn mowing money to purchase my beautiful instrument, I felt it a waste for something so pretty to sit in a case. I did not like the "hangers" out there as they presented this work of art like an object. I felt it would be better presented as an "offering" to grab and play. The first rendition was a set of wire frame hands in latex gloves filled with plaster. Needless to say, the fingers would crack. So nearly 18 years later, I contacted a dear friend who happens to be a sculptor, to create a set of "Guitar Hands" using 3D modeling software. (Pretty amazing to think these life-like hands were computer generated!!) After experimenting with a couple different mounting options, we decided "simpler is better". Drill, Screw and Enjoy!"